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Tell HSBC to think again!

by lindawilkinson on 1 September, 2013

HSBC Bank has announced that it is to close its Almondbury branch.

I’m disappointed that ‘The world’s local bank’ has chosen to do this. The two cash machines are well used and the thriving business community in Almondbury finds it reassuring to bank their takings in a convenient location with easy parking.

One resident has been told by HSBC that should there be sufficient concern raised with the bank, they will reconsider their decision. Although I’m disappointed that the consultation process has started after the closure has been announced, I urge all those who wish to protect local services to write to HSBC and make their views heard.

The branch is scheduled for closure on 15 November and all accounts will be transferred to the Cloth Hall Street branch in Huddersfield. HSBC can be contacted via email at or by telephone on 08457 404404 for personal customers and 08457 606060 for business customers.

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